This Privacy Policy describes how CFDPROFX collects and uses information through its site or any other sites operated by CFDPROFX. CFDPROFX is committed to safeguarding any information it collects, uses and holds about its clients. The Company recommends to get acquainted with the Policy before sign-up in the Trader’s Room. If the Client has any enquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, they can get into touch with CFDPROFX.


1.1. In order to open an account with the Company, the Client completes and submits an application form. While the registration process the Client agrees to provide their personal data and copies of verifying documents.

1.2. The personal data provided by the Client may include:

1.2.1. Personal information provided in applications and other forms: name, surname, address, date of birth, passport details, occupation, position;

1.2.2. Financial information, i.e. investment experience of the Client;

1.2.3. Identification documents: scanned copies of passport, utility bill, bank reference;

1.2.4. Payment documents: transfer orders, bank statements, copies of credit/debit card, screenshots etc.

1.2.5. Credit/debit card details (when depositing/withdrawing funds via credit/debit card).

1.3. CFDPROFX requests the personal information in order to identify and verify the Client and to comply with the relevant rules and regulations. This information may also be used by CFDPROFX to inform the Client regarding its service.

1.4. CFDPROFX asks the individuals under the age of 18 years to opt out of the registration and using provided by the service. CFDPROFX deems the privacy of the underage to be of great importance and thus does not collect the information on the individuals under the age of 18 years.


2.1. Tracking systems used on the CFDPROFX website(s) may collect additional Client’s data in order to optimize the services provided there for clients. This data may include information about the Client’s device, log information, location information, cookies. By receiving this information, CFDPROFX can provide the Client with the most appropriate version of the website(s), to track user action and therefore troubleshoot any issues that may occur, improve the performance of the website(s), improve the future advertising campaigns.


3.1. CFDPROFX shall not disclose to a third party any of its clients' confidential information unless:

3.1.1. it is required to do so by a regulatory authority of a competent jurisdiction. In such circumstances, CFDPROFX undertakes to officially inform the third party about the confidential nature of the information.

3.1.2. conveyance of the information to third parties is carried out for the sole purpose of processing the Client’s trading and non-trading instructions. In this case the third parties may be associated or affiliated companies, auditors, agents (including payment agents), banks or other authorized organizations or persons.

3.2. In the case when the Client’s personal data are collected for some third party which is not the contractor/service provider, CFDPROFX undertakes to notify the Client about it, so that the Client can make a well-founded decision about whether, or not, they agree to share their information with that party.


4.1. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's computer for record-keeping purposes. CFDPROFX uses cookies on its site(s). CFDPROFX does not link the information stored in cookies to any personally identifiable information the Clients may submit. CFDPROFX uses both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. A session ID cookie remains valid after the Client close browser. Persistent cookies are stored on hard drive for an extended period. Following the instructions in the help file of Internet browser, the Client can remove permanent cookies. CFDPROFX website uses permanent cookies for statistical purposes. The use of persistent cookies also allows the Company to track and identify the location and the interests of users visiting the Company’s site (s) and improve the quality of their services.

4.2. Several partners of CFDPROFX use cookies on the site (s) of the Company; the Company does not have access to such cookies, and does not control them.


5.1. The personal information that the Client provides when registering as a user of the site(s) or the services is classified as Registered information. Registered information is protected in many ways. The Client can access the Registered information by means of the password selected by the Client during the registration. This password is encrypted and known only to the Client. The Client should not share the password with anyone. The Registered information is safely stored on secure servers accessible only to authorized personnel via a password. Besides, in order to secure the personal information, CFDPROFX may use SSL-certificate.

5.2. The personal information provided to CFDPROFX which does not qualify as Registered information, also resides on secure servers and is also accessible only to authorized personnel via password. The Client has no access to this information; therefore, the Client will not receive the password allowing to modify it.

5.2. The personal information provided to CFDPROFX which does not qualify as Registered information, also resides on secure servers and is also accessible only to authorized personnel via password. The Client has no access to this information; therefore, the Client will not receive the password allowing to modify it.

6.1. The Client’s received confidential data is processed in processing center.
The Client’s credit/debit card details are not stored in the payment system after the moment of transaction made via the card.


7.1. In case of any changes in the personal information the Client should inform CFDPROFX using the contacts on the website.


8.1 CFDPROFX website may include links to external websites that CFDPROFX does not have influence over, thus CFDPROFX is not responsible for their content. It is the provider of the website or of the information who is responsible for the external sites content.


9.1. CFDPROFX reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information as required by rules and regulations, and when CFDPROFX considers that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served.

9.2. CFDPROFX will not be liable for any misuse or loss of personal information resulting from the use of cookies on the Company’s website(s) that CFDPROFX does not have access to or control over.


10.1. When CFDPROFX decides to make changes to the Privacy Policy, CFDPROFX will introduce such changes in this privacy statement, on the website and other places where CFDPROFX deems appropriate, so that the Client is aware of what information CFDPROFX collects, how CFDPROFX uses it and under what circumstances, if any, discloses it. The Company reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please re-read it regularly. In the event of substantial changes to this policy, CFDPROFX will notify the Client by email or on the website. If the Client continues to use the website services or visits it, they agree automatically with changes introduced to the Policy